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The Power of Purpose

Every company has a story to tell of its evolution and the founder’s role in it. The entrepreneur’s personal and business goals are inherent to one another. 

Whether you are a new firm or expanding in an overseas market, as a leader, your commitment will drive the success of the mission. A strong entry strategy must embody the vision of where the company wants to go, and not where it is. But can you achieve that at this stage? YES!

As your global partner, Bloom India will help you rediscover your driving purpose and put your energy into a strategic action plan. With our six-step methodology, you will find a clear path to
claiming what is yours while giving back to the community you thrive in.

Ask us what our six-step DHARMA methodology is all about. We are always happy to connect and discuss with you!

Our Services

Human Potential

Bloom India will ask you questions and use a tested toolkit to uncover your driving force, delve into the key moments that shaped your career and life, and clearly define your purpose —then embed it into your business personality and guide your decisions in alignment with your vision.

What To Expect:

Purpose & Vocation Management

We’ll help you uncover, probe, and clearly define your purpose—and then embed it in all your business decisions. 

Through Purpose you will be able to clarify your vocation and unleash the powerful potential it contains to explore new opportunities and align with your entrepreneurial project.

  • Your heart – Establish the case for change, then build consensus on your purpose statement.
  • Meaningful impact – Results in alignment with your purpose – whether that’s boosting employee engagement, creating more sustainable operations, or other areas of purposeful influence.
Leadership Alignment

We focus on what counts: making sure your leadership is aligned so you can execute your strategy and get results.

We work with your senior team on your purpose, align on a compelling view of the future and agree on the most important actions needed to get there.

  • Common vision – The team works together to co-create a compelling vision of the future.
  • Productive relationships – The team commits to concrete behaviours that get results and builds a foundation of inclusion, unity and trust.
Transformation & Culture Change

We provide the expertise, tools, and materials you need to align your leadership on a shared vision of what the future can be and mobilize the organization to achieve it.

Culture is a way to make purpose alive. We will help you ensure that your culture is optimized to support your strategy and performance.

  • Focus on essential actions – Winnow a list of potential opportunities to ruthlessly prioritized a list of those that will generate the most sustainable value in complete alignment with your purpose and strategy.
  • Culture change – Culture is a way to make purpose alive. We will help you ensure that your culture is optimized to support your strategy and performance.

Sustainable Value Creation

Building continuous value through sustainable strategies means putting more back into the environment and society than you take out. Bloom India will work with you to develop creative solutions and execute new strategies. You will know how to mobilize for change, and navigate uncertainty to achieve sustained, profitable growth—a feat only 1 in 11 companies succeed in.

What To Expect:

Market Intelligence

We will bring you the maximize profitability, decrease risk, and reassure stakeholders and investors that your global expansion plans are substantiated.

We will help you identify opportunities and obstacles before you start.

  • Market Research & diagnosis – Volume, Value, Competitors, Suppliers, Customers – Get the right insight through research into the Indian market.
  • Potential evaluation – Search for key contacts to initiate effective prospection and local interest.
  • Learning expedition – Explore and understand the Indian ecosystem and culture.
Business Growth Strategy

Our approach enables you to create sustainable shared value now as you move toward your future vision, with the flexibility to adapt as scenarios change.

We’ll help you make critical choices and choreograph your transformation journey as you bring your core to your full potential and build new growth engines.

  • A bold but realistic ambition – Create the environment that will allow you to express your advantages and design the market – competitors will follow you.
  • A keen understanding of your competitive advantage – Have a better idea of which markets to prioritize in your expansion strategy in India.
  • Entry Strategies – Greenfield projects, M&A, and Joint Ventures – determine which way of expansion strategy is right for your company.
  • Actionable roadmap – Craft a winning strategy with clear steps that are aligned with your purpose and targeted to your business goals.
Corporate Strategy & Finance

When helping you to define your strategy, we pay close attention to the role that finance plays, including access to capital, risk management, and building M&A capabilities.

We’ll help you take a clean-sheet approach that transforms your operating model to simplify your organization, streamline work processes and unlock massive savings.

Operation Model:

  • Build the business plan
  • Lower your cost – achieve dramatic cost savings of 20%-40%.
  • Increase productivity – become a simpler and more efficient organization.
  • Raise profitability – free up resources for growth and improve competitiveness.

M&A strategy

  • See the big picture – Articulate your aspirations, size the growth gap, align M&A strategy with your overall strategy, decide where to invest and divest, and prioritize opportunities.
  • Build critical capabilities – Generate a full list of targets, develop a screening framework, create an M&A roadmap and devise a plan to approach targets and build relationships.

Implementation Strategy

Implementation of a strategy needs a multifaceted approach. We bring people with complementary skill sets together with a stable client servicing team to maintain the continuity from start to finish. Bloom India’s robust local expertise and external service provider network can allow us to tailor a custom solution and realize your strategy smoothly and efficiently in India.

What To Expect:

Execution Plan

We will help you realize the chosen entry strategy smoothly and efficiently.

If a strategy is an iterative process, India makes it challenging, prepare your mindset and stay agile!

  • Allocate resources – Creation of a subsidiary, local branch or representative office with advice on the legal choice.
  • Monitor progress and performance – Define KPIs that are simple and easy to measure quickly, not all about money!
  • Provide continued support – Choose a consistent way of reporting the progress and get ready to adjust.
  • Stay agile – India requires to be very adaptable with the need of an agile dedicated team.
Pinpoint Actions

We will ensure you get immersed in Indian culture and understand the complexity of a country where no two states share the same language and culture.

We assist you in tailoring a customized solution to meet your business needs, drawing upon our extensive network of external service providers.

  • Intercultural immersion – Get awareness of the core philosophy that drives the Indian way of doing business.
  • Localization, Supply chain, and sourcing – Set up in the right place with the right partners.
  • Connect with the strategic partners – Partner with the right experts whether legal, tax or administrative and recruitment.
  • Implement support functions – finance, HR, sales – Get your support functions ready for running your operations whether internally or eternally.
  • Recruitment of local teams – Simplifies the process, and minimizes the time and expenses of hiring the right talent.

Communication Strategy & Public Policies

Trust and commitment do not just happen; they are forged and maintained through effective communication. It is one of your most important assets as a leader. We will help you formulate the right plan for India.

What To Expect:

Communication & Marketing

We will assist you in communicating the values and qualities of your products to your customers with the right language and media tools.

We will help you navigate the cultural divide of the most various and demanding submarkets.

  • Branding – Bring a deep understanding of the Indian consumer psyche and leap over traditional brand-building models with forward-thinking design and visual and communication design trends.
  • Communication StrategyUse the right channels and content to connect with your Indian stakeholders.
Public Policies

We offer to be your liaison with the right stakeholders. We facilitate institutional connections to help you wherever you decide to set up.

  • Linking – Get the best services and connections to have the necessary support.
  • PresenceTake support from our ties with the local ecosystem to grow in the country.

"Let the stronger man give to the man whose need is greater; let him gaze upon the lengthening path of life; for riches roll like the wheels of a chariot, turning from one to another.” -Rig Veda

 Century club companies have a few key qualities in common – the ability to adapt to the times, a strong value system and culture passed down by the founders, extraordinary business relationships with their partners, and a strong sense of purpose which enables them to be an active part of their local communities.
 We recognize that these are fundamental building blocks of your strategy, not just for this growth term, but for years to come. Bloom India’s ambition is to help organizations and their leaders make their vision and mission statements a reality.
Let's talk about building your culture and fulfilling your purpose to its full potential.
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